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EuroIntervention: How should I treat

Welcome to the EuroIntervention - How should I treat section, which offers you clinical case reports on various Topics in Interventional cardiology like STEMI, NSTEMI, Stents and scaffolds, AAA and more ...

This type of article contains three parts - the guest experts will be blinded to the actual treatment and the submitting authors will be blinded to the experts’ opinions:

  • Part 1 - How should I treat? Authors present a challenging case without discussing the different potential clinical management plans.
  • Part 2 - How would I treat? Guest experts are invited to share their opinions regarding their preferred treatment plan.
  • Part 3 - How did I treat? The submitting authors present the actual treatment.

 Your comments are welcome! Share YOUR experience and/or questions with your peers. Please remember to log into your account to read or make any comments or contributions.

These cases are submitted to the EuroIntervention platform for evaluation by the Editors of EuroIntervention and if approved are then published ONLY on the PCRonline website for learning purposes. They will not be allocated a DOI and will not be submitted to the National Library of Medicine for PubMed listing.

To find out how to submit your case, please consult:

Authors Instructions guide

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