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Bioresorbable scaffolds (BRS)

After the plain-old balloon angioplasty, the introduction of bare-metal and drug-eluting stents, does the advent of Bioresorbable scaffolds (BRS) represent a revolution in interventional cardiology?

Join I. Al Rashdan, J. Fajadet, H. Nef, C. Tamburino and N. West and find out everything you have always wanted to know - but never dared to ask about Bioresorbable Scaffolds (BRS).

Bio-resorbable Scaffolds (BRS)

Access Course on Bioresorbable scaffolds here

This course aims to answer the following questions:

  • WHAT are we talking about when referring to BRS technology?
  • WHY should I use BRS? (therapy principles and proven advantages)
  • WHERE should I use BRS? (in which patients and which lesions)
  • HOW should I use BRS? (implantation techniques)

Each module is made up of helpful media such as conversations between experienced people - who we call ‘online proctors’. They share their experiences and insights, as well as looking at cases and practical tips. Each discussion is focused around tips and tricks you can use immediately to help develop the best management strategy for each of your individual patients.

Proctoring team: Ibrahim Al Rashdan, Jean Fajadet, Holger Nef, Corrado Tamburino and Nick West.

Additional Resources

Updates available

Check out new slides on the BRS course in chapters “Why should I use a BRS? and “How to implant a BRS”. Learn more for example about “Which recent learnings impact optimal implantation technique?"

New Additional Resources

A new chapter now includes additional resources with LIVE cases from EuroPCR 2016 and GulfPCR 2015:

  • LIVE case: PCI of LAD with overlapped BRS
  • Long LAD lesion with two overlapped BRS
  • PCI of RCA with 3 consecutive BRS

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