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PCR Seminars 2017: sessions around the world

This year, PCR Seminars continue to treat hot topics like coronary artery disease, left main and multivessel disease (LMV), STEMI and bifurcation lesion to name a few. These tailor-made interactive sessions are for a small group of physicians. During 2 days, you could become the privileged participant of a unique training experience.


Management of A patient with complex multi vessel coronary artery disease

19-20 June 2017, Toulouse (France)

 With an unrestricted educational grant from Medtronic

With 25 participants from France, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Turkey and Switzerland, the last PCR Seminar was yet another great success!
The 3 Live cases were broadcasted from Clinic Pasteur to the Meeting Lab where the participants were able to discuss and exchange with their peers and with experienced facilitators Thomas Cuisset, Bruno Farah and Jean Fajadet.

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Management by PCI of a patient with NSTE-ACS and multivessel disease

05 April 2017, Warsaw (Poland)

With great debates, interactive discussions and step by step reasoning approach animated by Jacek Legutko, Jerzy Pregowski and William Wijns, the participants of the Masterclass held at WCCI earlier in the month left enriched by this fantastic learning experience.

PCR thanks sincerely and congratulates everyone involved!

Management of a patient with a coronary bifurcation including a left main disease

13-14 March 2017, Krakow (Poland)

With an unrestricted educational grant from Medtronic

PCR Seminars Poland March 2017

It was with great success that Dariusz Dudek, Jacek Legutko and Marko Noc addressed the participants expectations over this 2 days seminar.

Physicians from Poland, Romania and Slovenia were given the opportunity to participate in lively case-based discussions and to benefit from one another’s experience in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Management of a patient with high-risk ACS: NSTE-ACS and STEMI

17-18 February 2017, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

With an unrestricted educational grant from Abbott Vascular

PCR Seminars Riyadh 2017

PCR facilitators Thomas Cuisset, Jean Fajadet and William Wijns joined local physicians for the second PCR Seminar in Saudi Arabia.

The participants who came from centres all across the country, agreed that the seminar provided a teaching benefit for everyone, whatever their level. They particularly appreciated the combination of Saudi and PCR facilitators, which made the seminar a rich learning experience.

PCR looks forward to returning to Riyadh next year for the third edition!

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Management of a patient with multivessel coronary artery disease including a left main disease

2-3 February 2017, Herzliya (Israël)

With an unrestricted educational grant from Medtronic

PCR Seminars February 2017 Herzliya - Israël

Eli Lev and Ariel Roguin facilitated their 7th PCR Seminar in 3 years and brought their expertise to the table once again to animate educative discussions with their participants.

The physicians were able to take part in animated patient centred discussions in their native language.