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A curious case of an elderly lady readmitted for repeated heart failure - Image 17

Author: Lovel Giunio, Croatia

EuroIntervention Journal: Non-Newtonian blood flow simulation

Study the short imaging video from "State of the art: role of intravascular imaging in the evolution of PCI – a 30-year review" by Christos V. Bourantas, et al.

PCR London Valves 2017
PCR London Valves 2017: browse the full Programme !

24-26 Sep 2017

London , United Kingdom

Start planning your Course! Get session details on the 2017 Programme focusing on imaging, mitral, tricuspid and more

Spontaneous haematoma, dissection: a broken heart bleeds tears

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Cardiac regenerative strategies for interventionalist

15 Sep 2017 - From EUROPCR 2017

Can we create new myocardia and develop a “cure” for heart failure? Faced with an array of medical and device treatment, G.G Toth, D. Burkhoff and W. Wojakowski underline what is missing in current strategies apart from heart transplants – Do they actually have an effect on the missing or remodeled myocytes? How could interventionalists replace muscle cells that have been destroyed or altered?  Current and past cell therapies are reviewed along with emerging data, types of cells tested as well as looking at delivery techniques or specific patient groups. Critical problems and limitations facing research are discussed to understand why advancing this therapy has been unsuccessful. Learn more…

PCR Peripheral@GISE 2017
Welcome to a unique educational programme on Peripheral interventions

11-12 Oct 2017

Milan , Italy

Read the vision laid out by the course directors, Giuseppe Musumeci and William Wijns, chairman of PCR

How should I treat a small, failing surgical bioprosthesis in a high surgical risk patient?

14 Sep 2017

A 77-year-old female who underwent surgical aortic valve replacement with a 21mm Mosaic bioprosthesis 13 years prior presented with worsening dyspnea on exertion. The patient was considered high surgical risk, so surgical valve replacement as well as valve-in-valve transcatheter aortic valve implantation were discussed as a treatment options.


Valve in Valve: Breaking New Ground…

10 Sep 2017

Herein, we present 3 important studies concerning the use of transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) within small degenerated surgical bioprosthetic valves. In such cases, left main coronary occlusion and high post-implant gradients are not infrequently encountered, increasing mortality and curtailing symptomatic improvement.

2017 ESC Silver medalist and Andreas Grüntzig lecturer, MC Morice, speaks with 2017 ESC Gold medalist, William Wijns

40 years of angioplasty, 15 years of TAVI! Join MC Morice, this year’s Andreas Grüntzig lecturer and recipient of the 2017 ESC Silver Medal, in this conversation with W. Wijns, the ESC 2017 Gold medal awardee, as these two pioneers discuss their lifework. MC Morice looks at her ongoing commitment to research including her ground-breaking 1995 study on intracoronary stenting without Coumadin. W.Wijns, remembering the patient at the centre of our discipline, sees Stent for Life – with its positive effect on patient access to therapies and significant impact on morbidity and mortality – along with the educational activities of the PCR family, as part of his living legacy.